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Al Stewart: Lyrics, Tabs & Song History

Below, you will find lyrics, song history, and tablature to many of Al Stewart's songs. Only officially released material is included. They are presented here in alphabetical order , with the album where they originally appeared. Clicking on a song title with an active link will take you to the lyrics for that song. In the other columns, clicking on an active "History" link will provide some history and references behind the selected song, compiled by fans.

The tabs column has guitar chords for Al's songs, collected here were created by fans for the enjoyment of other fans. Please realize they may not be how Al plays them on the records or in concert, and we cannot vouch for their accuracy.

None of this would be possible to provide without the help of Kim Dyer. Thank you!!!

Song Album History? Tab?
Accident on 3rd Street R&A   Tab
Age Of Rhythm, The BTW    
Almost Lucy TP   Tab 1 | Tab 2
Always The Cause BTW History Tab
Amsterdam O   Tab
Angel Of Mercy FLW   Tab
Angry Bird SoAL    
Anna ZSF   Tab
Anniversary BFOS    
Antarctica LDOTC History Tab
Apple Cider Re-Constitution MT   Tab 1 | Tab 2
Bad Reputation LDOTC    
Ballad Of Mary Foster, The LC   Tab
Beacon Street BFOS    
Bear Farmers Of Birnam, The SLAGIATT   Tab
Bedsitter Images BI   Tab
Beleeka Doodle Day BI   Tab
Belsize Blues YOTC (25th anniv)    
Black Hill ZSF    
Blow Your Mansion Down SLAGIATT   Tab
Broadway Hotel YOTC   Tab
Cafe Society R&A   Tab
Candidate, The R&A   Tab
Candy Came Back SLAGIATT    
Carmichaels, The BI    
Carol MT   Tab
Charlotte Corday FLW History Tab
Child's View of the Eisenhower Years SOAL    
Class of '58 BFOS    
Cleave To Me BI    
Clifton In The Rain BI   Tab
Coldest Winter In Memory, The SLAGIATT History Tab
Constantinople 24    
Dark And Rolling Sea,The MT   Tab 1 | Tab 2
Delia's Gone IS    
Denise At 16 (Instrumental) BI   Tab
Don't Forget Me FLW   Tab
Down in the Cellars DITC History Tab
Ear of the Night SoAL    
Electric Los Angeles Sunset ZSF   Tab
Elf, The TWIMC    
Elvaston Place MT (rr)    
Elvis at the Wheel SoAL    
End Of The Day TP   Tab 1 | Tab 2
Feel Like FLW   Tab
Fields Of France LDOTC   Tab
Football Hero SoAL    
Flying Sorcery YOTC History Tab 1 | Tab 2
Franklin's Table DITC    
Genie On A Table Top FLW History Tab
Gethsemane Again ZSF   Tab
Ghostly Horses Of The Plain (Instrumental) LDOTC   Tab
Ghostly Horses Of The Plain (Vocal) SLAGIATT    
Gina in the Kings Road BFOS    
Gypsy & Rose, The R&A   Tab
Hanno the Navigator SoAL    
Helen And Cassandra LDOTC   Tab
Here In Angola IS   Tab
Hipposong FLW   Tab
House of Clocks DITC   Tab 1 | Tab 2
How Does It Happen SLAGIATT   Tab
If It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It YOTC   Tab 1 | Tab 2
I'm Falling O   Tab
Immelman Turn, The BFOS History  
In Brooklyn LC   Tab
In Red Square SLAGIATT History  
In The Dark SLAGIATT   Tab
Indian Summer IS   Tab
Jackdaw SLAGIATT   Tab
Joe The Georgian BTW History Tab
Josephine Baker LDOTC History Tab
Katherine of Oregon BFOS    
King Of Portugal LDOTC    
Last Day Of June 1934, The PPF History Tab
Last Days Of The Century LDOTC   Tab
Laughing Into 1939 BTW   Tab
League Of Notions, A BTW History Tab
License To Steal LDOTC   Tab
Life And Life Only LC   Tab
Life Between The Wars BTW   Tab
Life In Dark Water TP   Tab
Like William McKinley SoAL   Tab
Lindy Comes To Town BTW History Tab
Long Way Down From Stephanie, A BI    
Loneliest Place on the Map SoAL    
Lord Grenville YOTC History Tab
Lord Salisbury SoAL   Tab
Lori, Don't Go Right Now R&A   Tab
Love Chronicles LC   Tab
Lover Man TFA    
Man For All Seasons, A TP History Tab 1 | Tab 2
Manuscript ZSF   Tab
Marion The Chatelaine BTW History Tab
Merlin's Time 24   Tab
Merry Monks SLAGIATT   Tab
Midas Shadow YOTC   Tab
Midnight Rocks 24    
Millie Brown DITC   Tab
Mixed Blessing SLAGIATT   Tab
Modern Times MT   Tab 1 | Tab 2
Mona Lisa Talking BFOS   Tab
Mondo Sinistro 24    
Mr. Lear BFOS History  
Murmansk Run/Ellis Island 24 History Tab
My Egyptian Couch BFOS    
My Enemies Have Sweet Voices ZSF   Tab
Necromancer FLW    
News From Spain, The O   Tab
Next Time MT   Tab
Night Meeting R&A    
Night Of The 4th Of May O   Tab
Night Rolls In FLW   Tab
Night that the Band Got Wine, The DITC   Tab
Night Train To Munich BTW   Tab
Nostradamus PPF   Tab
Not The One MT   Tab
Old Admirals PPF History Tab
Old Compton Street Blues LC   Tab
On The Border YOTC   Tab 1 | Tab 2
One Stage Before YOTC   Tab 1 | Tab 2
One That Got Away, The R&A    
One, Two, Three R&A    
Optical Illusion 24   Tab
Out in the Snow BFOS    
Paint By Numbers 24    
Palace Of Versailles, The TP History Tab
Pandora IS    
Peter On The White Sea FLW History  
Post World War Two Blues PPF History Tab
Pretty Golden Hair BI    
Princess Olivia IS    
Rain Barrel BFOS History  
Real And Unreal LDOTC   Tab
Red Toupee LDOTC History  
Roads To Moscow PPF History Tab 1 | Tab 2
Rocks In The Ocean 24   Tab
Royal Courtship BFOS    
Rumours Of War R&A   Tab
Running Man 24   Tab
Russians & Americans R&A   Tab
Sampan BTW History Tab
Samuel, How You've Changed BI   Tab
Sand In Your Shoes YOTC   Tab 1 | Tab 2
Scandinavian Girl BI   Tab
Sense of DejaVu. A SLAGIATT    
Sergio DITC   Tab
Shah of Shahs SoAL    
Shiraz Shuffle, The DITC    
Silver Kettle SoAL    
Sirens Of Titan MT   Tab 1 | Tab 2
Sleepwalking SoAL    
Small Fruit Song, A ZSF   Tab
Soho (Needless To Say) PPF   Tab
Somewhere in England 1915 BFOS   Tab
Song On The Radio TP   Tab
Songs Out Of Clay O   Tab
Strange Girl R&A    
Swallow Wind MT (rr)    
Swiss Cottage Manoeuvres BI   Tab
Tasting History DITC   Tab 1 | Tab 2
Terminal Eyes PPF   Tab
Three Mules BTW History Tab
Time Passages TP   Tab 1 | Tab 2
Timeless Skies TP    
Toutes Les Etoiles DITC History  
Trains FLW History Tab
Trespasser FLW   Tab
Turn Into Earth TWIMC    
Turning it into Water DITC   Tab 1 | Tab 2
Under a Wine-Stained Moon DITC    
Valentina Way TP   Tab 1 | Tab 2
Waiting for Margaux DITC   Tab
Warren Harding PPF History Tab
What's Going On? MT   Tab 1 | Tab 2
Where Are They Now LDOTC   Tab
Willie The King SLAGIATT   Tab
World Goes To Riyadh IS    
Year Of The Cat YOTC   Tab
You Don't Even Know Me O   Tab
You Should Have Listened To Al LC   Tab
Zero She Flies ZSF   Tab




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