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Al Stewart: Kim's Corner

September 5 2012

Posted on September 5, 2012
When you are an Al Stewart fan it is difficult to go through a day without encountering a "reference" of some sort.
Thank you to fan extraordinaire Mari for these links.
4/10. Juliet Gardiner explores the prophecies of Nostradamus, whose book Centuries became an instant bestseller in Europe after it was published in France in 1555. The presenter examines the writing style and how the text has been seen to represent the anxieties of societies in different eras.

5/10. Juliet Gardiner turns her attention to Italian Renaissance painter Leonardo Da Vinci and 15th-century Florence's political and religious turmoil influence on his visions of the future. Among his many designs for warfare, she highlights drawings that seem to foreshadow the modern tank and helicopter. Featuring contributions by Evelyn Welch and Martin Kemp.

-- Kim