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Al Stewart: Kim's Corner

July 15

Posted on July 15, 2010
Al references several holidays in his songs that are kind of obscure for US audiences. How many Americans would know, for example, that July 15 is St. Swithin's day, which is mentioned in "House of Clocks"? Friends in the UK say that it is raining there today, so according to a traditional rhyme it should be cloudy and rainy for another 40 days ... just the proper mood setter for having lost your love.

- Kim Dyer

Intro to Kim's Corner

Posted on June 29, 2010
This section of the website will be an opportunity for Kim Dyer to contribute postings to the new Al Stewart website. Kim ran and the print edition of the Chronicles for many years and put in a great deal of love and care to build a web presence for Al.

I am pleased, as are Al Stewart and Steve Chapman, his manager, that she will continue to contribute to the new site. Stay tuned for future postings from Kim in "Kim's Corner"! - Jared Ingersol

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