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Al Stewart: Kim's Corner

June 12 2012

Posted on June 12, 2012
Some news for the wine buffs amongst us:

In 2010, a crew of divers discovered the kind of booty we really get excited about: 79 perfectly preserved bottles of Champagne in a Baltic Sea shipwreck. Today, 11 of them were auctioned off in Finland for an amazing $156,000.
Because there isn't much to do when you're out at sea but drink, wine, beer and liquor casks are often found at shipwreck sites. These nearly 200 year old Champagne bottles were in such perfect condition because they were lucky to land horizontally, under pressure, at a low temperature and in the dark. In 2011, a centuries-old Roman shipwreck filled with wine jugs was found off the coast of Albania, but the stoppers on those jugs had long since disintegrated, allowing the contents to flow out.
-- Kim