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Al Stewart: Kim's Corner

July 19

Posted on July 19, 2010

It can be frustrating at times being an Al Stewart fan. He certainly does not get the recognition we think he deserves, but I'm often surprised by how many people do know his work. They just think they are alone. Wearing a t-shirt with the "Year of the Cat" logo on it has always been a conversation starter for me. One time in Key West I offered a very large tip if the guitar player at the bar could play any Al Stewart song other than "Year of the Cat". He rattled off a half dozen songs, including "Sand in Your Shoes", but shook his head and said he couldn't play any of them. I was impressed.


We can take some small solace, however, in noting how far Al's influence reaches. I've been surprised several times by having him mentioned by people with a much larger following as someone who had been an inspiration. It's not just the "geezer rock" crowd that appeals to those of us with AARP cards in our wallets either. I know of several people who came to Al through Tori Amos (, and Gabby Young ( is quickly building a following in the UK. and elsewhere. I've even seen a rap single that drew from "Year of the Cat". Keep your eyes and ears open, and you may be surprised.


- Kim Dyer