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Al Stewart: Kim's Corner

August 29

Posted on August 29, 2010

If you have ever wondered about joining one of the online communities of Al fans out there, either one you found on your own or one of the ones linked to on this site, DO IT.  Remember to give it a bit of time as you get used to the people there, but do join in.   Some talk about Al more than others, and in some cases you need to learn the personalities involved just a bit.  They can, however, be a great deal of fun.  You can meet Al fans from all over the world.  You will find people who will actually understand why you chuckled when St. Albans, Soho and Old Compton Street were all mentioned within a couple pages of eachother in a currently popular novel.  They will go with you so you can get your picture in front of the sign at the Swiss Cottage tube station.  You will be able to meet up with people before a show for a meal and excited conversation.  It is GREAT.

In October of 2001, when Al did the show at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral, more than 60 fans converged on the city.  The hotel we all decided to stay in was happy but surprised.  The ghost tour about 20 of us decided to take was happily overwhelmed.  The wine tour we took before the show ... 18 of us in antique Packard limousines ...  was great.  And let's say 60 Al fans (and Al!) descending on an Italian restaurant was as much fun for the staff as it was for us.

In October a dozen or more Al fans is meeting for  Chicago show.  There is always a large, happy group when Al plays in London.

Join in the fun if you can.  You have nothing to lose but your dignity.  And who needs dignity when you can be sitting in a hotel lobby with a dozen of your newest friends singing "Joe the Georgian" at 1:00am?

-- Kim Dyer